The Japanese art of paper folding has been passed down through hundreds of years of history. Here at Short Story we’ve blended old traditions with modern inspirations to create this captivating series of origami wall art. 

The themes of nature that are incorporated into each piece parallel with how each frame is handcrafted by experts in our studio. In this way, no two pieces are alike so you can be sure that your wall is adorned by a one-of-a-kind work of art. Due to the inherent techniques involved in origami, each of our origami wall hangings is three-dimensional and the colours and figures seem to pop out of the frame, making them highly enjoyable to view time and again.

Know friends who’ve recently moved into a new home? Don’t bore them with appliances that could easily break, invigorate their creativity by gifting them with our origami wall decor. Each piece in this collection of origami art makes a beautiful housewarming gift as they add sophistication to any room. Better yet, treat yourself to one of these simple yet elegant frames to brighten up your own home. Explore the variety of designs and prints of paper that we’ve provided and find the perfect piece of art to take home today!