Special Edition

Encapsulating the human condition, Short Story’s special edition series of circle of life wall art is profoundly touching. Each piece comprises of a central butterfly surrounded by a multitude of smaller butterflies who fly in an everlasting ring. These represent the circle of life with you at the heart, surrounded by the the influences of your family and friends, and the unique life experiences that have shaped you into the wonderful human you are today.

These pieces of butterfly wall art are a stunning addition to any room and come in a variety of colour schemes to suit your decor. Do you love a spot of colour and want to draw eyes to your new favourite artwork? Check out the rainbow or blue-toned versions of this exquisite design. Going for a more understated but still compelling look? Try the monochrome and sepia frames. We’ve even got a pastel version available for those aiming to create a more serene ambience.

In addition, you can also explore our deluxe edition origami art collection which includes wondrous pieces inspired by the unity of our world and the innate majesty of the animal kingdom. Peruse the artworks available and find the perfect one for you to take home today!

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