Office Kris Kringle Ideas That Will Inspire Your Colleagues

Christmas season is upon us once more and what better way to celebrate the holidays than to exchange gifts with your fellow colleagues in the annual office Kris Kringle!

So you’ve pulled a name out of the hat and experienced a moment of pure panic where you have no idea what you’re going to get George from accounting. Don’t worry we’ve all been there. Sure you could go the silly route, but while a fart button toy is good for a laugh, presents like these get thrown away really fast. 

At Short Story we like to go for something meaningful. Even if you only see your lucky recipient during work hours, you can easily pick up on key aspects of their personality whether through small talk with them in the elevator or going around and asking some sneaky questions.

We’ve compiled this awesome list of office Kris Kringle ideas, so all you have to do is match them up to one of these handy profiles to give them a gift that will really inspire them.


For the workaholic… 

Super Thoughts Notebook $29.95

Super Thoughts Notebook

Is your colleague always rushing to and from meetings with barely a second to sit down at their desk? A practical person will appreciate a useful gift so maximise their productivity with a notebook that will be filled up in no time!

The Super Thoughts Notebook is a great way for them to jot down important notes when they’re on the go. It’s filled with empowering quotes that will motivate them to achieve their goals. 

When they finally have time to catch their breath, they’ll love interacting with the cute flipbook design before heading off to pitch their next great idea. 


For the scheduler…

Hourglass Medium $24.95

Hourglass Medium

You know the type; they arrive at 9am sharp, go for lunch as soon as the clock ticks 12 and are always on top of their calendar invites. Sometimes you wonder if they’ve got an inbuilt clock or are just incredibly organised. (If so, please tell us their secret.)

Show your colleague that you appreciate their punctuality with a diamond hourglass. These whimsical hourglasses make for great office Kris Kringle ideas and are also available in large and small sizes!


For your work buddy…

31 Day Superhero Pills $29.95

31 Day Superhero Pills

How lucky are you to have drawn your best work friend! However, you know that your standard office Kris Kringle ideas won’t cut it. You’ve got to gift them something that shows how much you appreciate them.

And we’ve got just the right thing! Our 31 Day Superhero Pills lets the recipient know how much you admire their kickass character. In each of these adorable capsules is a motivational quote that will help them start off the new year strong.

Get yourself a matching bottle of 31 Day Happy Pills so you can have fun opening them together. What a great way to kickstart each work day!


For the busy bee…

Bath Blend Tree Top Haven $24.95 

Bath Blend Tree Top Haven

Do you have a colleague that’s so busy it’s stressing even you out? Help them to alleviate some tension and recentre their spirit with our Tree Top Haven bath blend! 

This herbal tea bath blend is infused with natural ingredients including green tea, fresh eucalyptus and green clay, all chosen to detox the body and focus the mind.

Encourage them to switch off their phone and forget about work for a well-deserved hour of total relaxation. All they have to do is soak this tea bag blend in a warm and inviting bath and let their troubles go.

Bundle this bath blend with a soothing candle for the ultimate office Kris Kringle idea. You’ll be able to spot the new tranquility in your colleague even when they’re swamped by work.


For the cat lover…

Cat Clip Playful $19.95

Cat Clip Playful

If your recipient brought their cat in for Take Your Child To Work Day, then throw away all your other office Kris Kringle ideas, this is the purrfect one for them!

Functional and adorable, these memo holders shaped like their favourite furry friend keep track of important notes while reminding them to enjoy the playful side of life.

Even better, print out a photo of your colleague’s cat (you know they’ve shared a million pictures on Facebook so it won’t be hard to find a cute one) and clip it in before you gift this to them. They’ll love it so much it’ll be like all their Christmases have come at once!


For the fashionista…

Fantasy Bubble Earrings Confetti Gold $35.00

Fantasy Bubble Earring Confetti Gold

Do you admire how your recipient looks effortlessly amazing all the time? Would they never dream of doing Casual Fridays? It looks like you’ve drawn the resident fashionista in your office Kris Kringle! 

It may seem daunting to find them a gift worthy of their extensive wardrobe but any fashion-forward person knows that accessories can make or break a look.

These stunning Fantasy Bubble Earrings filled with shimmery confetti are the perfect item to put a bit of sparkle in every day. They can be dressed up or down, and can be mix and matched with other stud earrings so your recipient will never have to repeat an outfit!

All of our earrings are made with surgical steel so they’re suitable even if someone has sensitive ears, and are packaged in a gorgeous glass bottle so they’re ready to be gifted right away.


For the green thumb…

Life In A Bottle Purple $24.95

Life In A Bottle Purple

The office plants would have dried up a long time ago if this colleague wasn’t lovingly watering them. 

Why not gift them their very own plant to nurture at work? The Life In A Bottle Purple is a glass jar full of happiness, though it may also appear to be flower seeds in fertilised paper soil...

This cheerful little jar is perfect even if your recipient is just starting on their gardening journey as it comes with handy instructions. 

This is a great office Kris Kringle idea that everyone in the office can enjoy. Whenever they visit your recipient’s desk they will love seeing how beautifully the seeds are blooming!




We hope that our office Kris Kringle ideas have helped you find the perfect gift this year. 

If you’ve spotted something on this list that you love, don’t be afraid to share this article with your colleagues so you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you unwrap the gift from your very own Kris Kringle!

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