Do's and Don'ts When Choosing Art For Your Home

Truth talk: choosing art for your home can be a nightmare. For some reason, selecting a career (i.e. your livelihood!) is easier than making a decision about what to put on your bedroom wall. You’re not alone. Unless you’re a graduate of a fancy art school, picking art can be intimidating.


Fret not, dear readers, we’re here to guide you through the process of choosing the right artwork for your bare walls.



1. Follow Your Heart


If you don’t follow any of the other tips in this list, it’s fine. But please follow this one as it’s the most important. Unlike home décor, which has certain tried and tested rules, choosing art for your home has none. #truestory


All you have to do to know if a piece is right for your place is to ask yourself one question: “Do I love it?”


If you love it, buy it. It’s that easy.


2. Get To Know The Artist


Do you remember the moment you fell in love with your partner? It was something small, almost inconsequential, right? Something you couldn’t possibly know the first time you met. Like the way they prefer eating a banana with a knife.


This is the way falling in love with art works too.


By getting to know an artist before purchasing a piece, you will have a better understanding and appreciation of the content and context of their work.


Most art galleries have short bios of artists on their websites, but one of the best ways to find emerging or indie artists is online! Search platforms like Etsy or Instagram for anything that catches your eye. Then give them a follow and you will get a sneak peek into their lives, their personality and more. Slowly but surely, you will know if this artist is right for you.



3. Pick Something You Love in Black and White.

You cannot go wrong with black and white artwork. Whether you pick a black and white photo, a minimalist graphic print, a sketch in pencil, or even a black and white rug (Yes, rugs are art too!), your piece will work just about anywhere in your house, regardless of style.

4. Mix Don’t Match

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the pieces of art you collect have to match between them –they absolutely don’t. Instead, mix it up.

Mix high end art with a postcard you picked up on your travels. Mix periods and styles, if you dare. There doesn’t need to be any rhyme or reason to your choices. As we said, the only criteria is that you love it.

And as your collection grows over time, you will realise that your art begins to tell a story. It’s your story –own it.

5. Contrast and Complement


If you feel stuck and indecisive about a piece of art, chances are you’re restricting your choices because of the colours of the room you want it to go in.


Instead of thinking in terms of matching, think in terms of complementing and contrasting. Your walls are blank canvases meant to bring life into your space. And whatever you put on them is supposed to stand out.


For example, origami wall art is inherently three-dimensional and the colors seem to pop out of the frame. They don’t need to match your sofa or the pillows on it. If you love it, put it on the wall and enjoy it.


6. Buy slowly


Good news. If it’s taking you forever to choose artwork for that one bare wall in your living room, you’re doing it right.


Choosing art for your home is supposed to be a slow, thoughtful and deliberate process. Do not try and buy all your art in one weekend. Instead, take your time. As we said, the art in your home is meant to tell your story. Live your life, visit different places, and explore the world around you. Like love, the right art will come when you’re already living your fullest life.




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