How to find time for yourself

Author: Tina Pik   Date Posted:9 July 2017 




We live in an era of disruption, where our minds are constantly stimulated and interrupted by means of technology, work and routine.


We become so consumed with keeping up-to-date, working overtime and creating schedules and for ourselves that we sometimes forget the single most important thing - nurturing ourselves.


Here are 5 great ways you can create time for yourself that are guaranteed to lift your spirits.




How you spend the first hour of your day sets the tone for the rest of the day.


Getting a head start to your day proves to have its benefits - it enhances productivity, improves mental health and provides better sleep at night.


Whether you’re planning your next passion project, painting your toenails or working on your business - they’re things you can tick off your to-do list while the rest of the household is still in deep snooze.




Kill two birds with one stone - considered the best form of exercise, walking to work will allow you to sink into your own thoughts, create a plan for the day, or simply, immerse yourself in the music that’s playing in your headphones.


If it’s too far from home, consider leaving earlier and walking to the next station after yours. Your mind and body will thank you for it.




Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could start every month feeling like a million bucks?


Nothing beats treating yourself to a little bit of luxury and relaxation once in a while. Pamper yourself - book a massage, get your nails or hair done or get that balayage you’ve been wanting for so long. Stop sitting on it - book it in!


If pampering isn’t your cup of tea, then plan a weekend getaway with your partner. Retreat into the country, mountains or seaside and rejuvenate your worn out soul.


If you can’t hold out for a month, then...




Throw aside your neverending to-do list and create some TLC for yourself after a long day.


The perfect way to unwind after a hard day’s work spent at the office, or at home with rambunctious kids, is to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit with Short Story’s collection of delicious smelling bath blends.


Throw all your worries on the backburner and submerge your body in fragrances that work to soothe your soul and add some fuel back into your body.


Pick Lavender Fields if you’re seeking deep relaxation, the calming notes of lavender and green tea leaves will melt away all your days’ stresses.


Dive into the scent of Treetop Haven to escape reality and escape to a lush paradise of refreshing fragrances to awaken the mind and refocus.




Throw aside your phone and keep that laptop lid shut. We all have an innate desire to keep up to date with our socials and the happenings of the world. But do yourself a favour and find an evening every week to ‘switch off’.


If it means hitting the hay earlier than usual, then so be it. Your mind and body will appreciate the extra amount of snooze you’re blessing them with.


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