How To Start Loving Mondays

Author: Short Story  Date Posted:28 September 2017 

How To Start Loving Mondays



There are two types of people in the world: those who love Mondays and those who loathe them with every fibre of their being. If you're one of the former, look away. This is for those who feel the dreaded weekend blues creeping in on a Sunday afternoon and only snap out of the doldrums on a Tuesday. I hear what you’re saying, “Is it even possible to like Mondays?”

It really is. Here, 4 ways to change your mind about Mondays.


Start on Sunday

If you don’t like Mondays, chances are you probably don’t like Sunday evenings either. But as plenty of Instagram quotes will tell you, “A Sunday well spent will bring a week of content.” (At the very least, it will bring a Monday of content.) Cure the dreaded anxiety by preparing for the upcoming week mindfully. This will mean different things for different people but some examples include, meal prep, choosing your Monday outfit and tidying up your house so that everything is in its place. That way, you’ll wake up on Monday without that frazzled feeling.


If you’re an overachiever, you might want to even plan your entire week. What items on your to-do list do you want to tick off? Pick a quote that inspires you for the week and stick it on your mirror. These changes will help you feel prepared and instead of rolling out of bed, you’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll.


Set Up a Sunday Night Ritual

The most wonderful part of the weekend is the vacation-y feeling. But all vacations end. And when they do, we all get kind of excited about slipping back into our routines. There’s comfort in knowing exactly what you’re going to do.  Apply the same logic to Sunday nights. Eat lightly (if you overindulge late, you will feel like a sloth on Monday morning), take a long shower, get into bed earlier than usual (You’ll get bonus points for crisp and fresh sheets) and by the time Monday dawns, you’ll be so refreshed, mints will want to know all your secrets.  


Have Something To Look Forward To

Who made the rule that weekends are the only time you’re allowed to have fun? Be your own queen and add a few treats exclusively for Mondays. For example, plan a low-key date night with your partner, or invite your friends over to watch a T.V. show you all love, attend your favorite exercise class or buy a new book that you’ve been dying to read - the only caveat being you have to start reading it after work on Monday. When you begin to have something to look forward to on Mondays, you will begin to like them -tres simple.

Change Your Perspective

Researchers have long established that the best way to change our emotions is to first address our attitudes. This means that if you want to like Mondays, you have to change the way you think about Mondays. I like to think of Monday as the January of the year - it’s a perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Whether you overindulged on the weekend (those cookies were just too good to resist), or you felt uninspired at work, a Monday is always right around the corner to kickstart your efforts and try again. (Should we call them #mondaylutions?) In fact, research has found that when dieters use Mondays as a refresh, they’re most likely to have longer-term success. Other research has found that office workers are at their most productive on Monday mornings.


So, how do you like Mondays now?


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