20 Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $20 That Will Be Appreciated






The countdown to Christmas has truly begun. For those scrounging for last minute gifts that are still thoughtful, Short Story has just the right items for you. It can be hard but it’s totally possible to come up with $20 Secret Santa gift ideas that your recipient will actually appreciate.


Our delivery elves are working hard to make sure your presents arrive on time so give them a hand by checking out our list of 20 Secret Santa gift ideas under $20 now!


1. Sushi Socks Futomaki $16.95



These one size fits all socks make the perfect Secret Santa gift idea because everyone loves sushi! When worn, your recipient will enjoy the attractive bands of colour, but the best part comes when the socks are rolled up. This pair transforms into 2 delicious maki rolls that look good enough to eat!


2. 1 Happy Pills 1 Day $6.50



Some days your recipient just needs a little pick me up which is what this adorable happy pill is made for! The little glass jar contains a single capsule with a happy quote inside that can be broken out in times of trouble or just to keep a good mood going!


3. Red Blossom Crane On Cage Card $7.95



Gifts aren’t complete without a card and your recipient will be delighted to receive a special message from their Secret Santa on this unique origami card. The cherry blossom design accentuated with a stunning 3D crane make this a card anyone would love to display this Christmas.


4. Cat Magnet Holder Cheeky $14.95



A great Secret Santa gift idea under $20 is a magnet from our playful range of cat stationery. Cheeky Toby is the perfect companion for your recipient’s fridge, whiteboard and more as his trusty tail acts as a hook for storing small objects on.


5. Happy Calendar Bronze Foil $14.95



Looking for Secret Santa gift ideas under $20 that will help your recipient start the year strong? Try our Happy Calendars! This beautiful bronze foil calendar comes with stickers that they can use to track their mood, and a helpful guide book that will keep the smile on their face.


6. Hourglass Small $19.95



Remind your recipient of the value of their time and help them take a few minutes out of the day to relax with this thoughtful gift. Not only is it a highly functional item, but this stylish diamond hourglass will add a touch of classic elegance to any room.


7. Assorted Bookmarks $4.95



You don’t want to buy an avid reader a book they already own, so a great option is to go for bookmarks they can use time and again. At less than $5 each, you can easily gift your recipient a set of these enchanting origami bookmarks!


8. Flower Diffuser Poppy $15.50



Our delightful ceramic poppy is the perfect fragrance diffuser to keep on coffee tables, in the bathroom and more. Simply match it with a sweet fragrance oil and it’s good to go. Your recipient won’t believe that this Secret Santa gift idea was under $20!


9. Wooden Coasters Pack $19.95



Everyone loves the rustic look and with this pack of wooden coasters, you can bring the beauty of nature straight to your recipient’s dining table. Each pack comes with 10 coasters making these the perfect item for a get-together with friends and family.


10. Natural Bark Pot Small $12.95



Speaking of nature, our pots made of real tree bark are also a spectacular Secret Santa gift idea under $20. Plant a low maintenance succulent inside or hide some mystery seeds for your recipient to nurture. Either way, they’ll love seeing their new plant bloom under their care.


11. Heart Tree Tealight Holder Trio $15



An Australian Christmas means lazy evenings spent outdoors in the warm weather. Gift these beautiful tealight candle holders so your recipient can enjoy the magical flickering of firelight this summer.


12. Message In A Bottle Ocean Breeze $16.95



Do you have a message you want your recipient to treasure forever? Keep it sealed in our key-themed message in a bottle. All you have to do is pen your missive on the included scroll and seal it back up with the gold ring. This beautiful jar can be displayed on shelves, never to be lost.


13. Grateful Sticky Notes $5.95



Who says you can’t be organised and get inspired at the same time? With these sticky notes, your Secret Santa recipient can write their daily checklist as well as something they’re grateful for. These are also available with happy quotes and super quotes that will kick-start their day!


14. Short Story Origami Pack 20 $16.95



Keep your Secret Santa gift under $20 but go the extra mile by folding each of the 20 sheets in this origami pack into an item that reminds you of your recipient! They’re sure to appreciate your thoughtful actions.


15. Happy Pen Veggie Garden Bean Sprout $14.95



This cheerful bean sprout will put a smile on the face of anyone who uses it. Help your recipient stay productive but more importantly, happy, with our adorable range of Happy Pens!


16. Geometric Papillion Vase Yellow $18


With a simple geometric design topped with a charming yellow butterfly, this vase is a great addition to any home. Finish off the gift with a single flower you’ve picked from your own garden for that delightful personal touch.


17. Papillion Pepper Shaker Yellow & Papillion Salt Shaker Blue $3 each




With all the holiday gatherings your recipient is sure to be having this season, they will definitely appreciate these charming salt and pepper shakers. Combine them with our matching Papilllion vases for a wonderful table display.


18. Doughnut Socks Chocolate $16.95



These chocolate doughnut socks are as sweet as can be! The colourful stripes and sprinkles make for a fun design that fits all feet, and when not worn, these socks roll into a scrumptious donut. What a great Secret Santa gift idea under $20 that will spread cheer these holidays!


19. Xmas Hanging Delights Stocking $16.50



Perfect for Christmas trees and baby nurseries alike, our ceramic Xmas Hanging Delights are charming hand-finished ornaments. Choose from designs like Santa’s hat, warm mittens, these woolly stockings and more!


20. Xmas Wooden Hanging Delights Squirrel Bark Dark Brown $4.95



It’s not Christmas until you’ve put up a tree adorned with lovely ornaments like those in our Xmas Wooden Hanging Delights range. These hand-finished wooden ornaments are available in a variety of charming designs like this cute squirrel. Your recipient will love seeing this on their tree each year.


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