Each named after a historical figure who has helped to shape our world, our reed diffusers are as meaningful as they are aromatic. Channel the healing powers of Florence Nightingale into your home with our pink lychee scent diffuser. Or perhaps you’re more enamoured by the multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci? Our black currant bliss scent may be the perfect one for you! Better yet, reinvent your home into the stunning space you want it to be with the white floral bouquet scent inspired by none other than Marilyn Monroe. Whichever you choose, you can be assured that these fragrance diffusers will have your home smelling wonderful.
It’s easy to set them up; simply place the provided reed sticks into your chosen pot of fragrance and step back and let the magic happen. To adjust the strength of the scent these diffusers release, try using less sticks for a more subtle scent, and flipping the sticks over to refresh and increase the scent. Not only will they improve the ambience of your home, these diffusers also make great housewarming gifts for your loved ones. Combine them with a set of flower string lights to rejuvenate a space with a magical feeling.
The best reed diffusers are ones that put a smile on your face each time you return home and that’s what we have here at Short Story. Explore our range today and enjoy the historical tales that are included on the enclosing box.

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