Can’t get enough of cats, kittens and all things feline? You’ve come to the right place! Short Story has the perfect items to fulfil your cat stationery needs.

Never lose your keys again by hanging them off the jaunty tails of our cat fridge magnets. These darling cats can also be used to store your lanyards, hand cloths and other knick knacks. Secure them on your fridge, on the side of a metal cabinet or even on a magnetic whiteboard for easy access. Whoever thinks that black cats are unlucky just hasn’t had the chance to use one of these handy cat magnets yet!

In addition, we’ve also got a range of charming cat memo clips available. These adorable items are great for storing your receipts, displaying a happy photo, or just keeping track of important notes. Once you’ve experienced such cute stationery you can never go back to ordinary items.

Know someone who’s a fellow cat lover? Why not give them the quirky gift of one of these feline friends? The playful packaging that these cats come in make them ideal as presents, or even a sneaky treat for yourself. Each cat has its own unique personality so collect them all today!