Have a little fun while still getting your work done with novelty pens from Short Story.
Bring a new meaning to the term ‘writing tools’ with our selection of tool pens, each shaped like an item you would expect find in a handyman’s toolbox. With ballpoint pens shaped like wrenches, nails and even screwdriver pens available, these will definitely be a hit with your child (or inner child as the case may be). For the more horticulturally-inclined of you, we also have a series of vegetable pens that we are highly fond of. Try not to think about what you’re going to have for dinner when you’re chewing on the end of a bean sprout or carrot pen, we dare you!
Whether you’re penning sweet missives by the light of your large candle holder or jotting down a quick grocery list because your pen just reminded you that you need mushrooms, it’s always handy to have a pen on hand and what better writing tool than one that puts a smile on your face? Explore Short Story’s whimsical range of stationery and more today and find items that you know you will love!