Not even the most staunch and steadfast of us can resist a cute bracelet. There’s something about the way you can express your personality on your sleeve that’s just so addictive. You can never wear too many bracelets and so to add to your wonderful collection, Short Story has an exciting range of bracelets and bangles that you can mix and match to make your outfits pop.
The metallic look never goes out of style which is why our pretty bracelets come in beautiful finishes of gold, silver, and our personal favourite, the always-chic rose gold. Whether you wear them as a statement piece or blend them in with the rest of your look, our bracelets and bangles are sure to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your appearance.
With a variety of dangling bracelets and open bangles available, these adjustable one size pieces make it easy for you to choose the perfect one to suit your mood, or find the one that you know your friend will cherish. Do you both love the same piece? Get it in different colours and you guys can have fun swapping and sharing your favourite accessories. All that’s left is to throw on your favourite shawl scarf and show the world your trendy look.


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