Animal Earrings

At Short Story we love all animals big and small which is why we provide such an extensive range of adorable animal earrings. Let everyone know which critter is your favourite by wearing it loudly and proudly on your ears. Can’t decide? No worries, we have enough diverse animals that you can wear a different one every day. With everything from cheeky cat earrings to mythical unicorn ones, we’ve got you covered.
Rest assured, we haven’t forgotten our feathered friends. For all the bird lovers out there, our selection of bird earrings is unmatched. From flamboyant flamingos to darling ducks, we have a variety of bird species in charming colours. Not only this but we also have majestic insects and sea creatures to boot. We told you our range was extensive!
Call it wishful thinking, but we believe that there’s a little magic in the world, and wearing a pair of animal earrings might just summon that creature into your life. Try on a pair of dog earrings and use one of our cute notebooks to keep track of all the happy puppies you spot on the day! Better yet, wear a pair to the zoo where you’re sure to spot some majestic animals.