At Short Story, we can’t walk out the door without putting a few rings on our fingers first. It just doesn’t seem right to leave the house without them! To make sure that your hands will never feel naked again, we’ve provided an adorable collection of simple rings that you can mix and match to your heart’s content. 
Whether you love pineapple on pizza or absolutely abhor it, we can all agree that our pineapple ring is the perfect accessory. Are you more of an animal lover? We’ve got horses in a hurry, ecstatic elephants, curious cats and way more cute animal-themed rings. Want to express your personality through your jewellery? Show them who rules the world with our crown shaped ring, or own your nerd status with our spectacle rings! The fun times never end with our great selection of rings where each design comes in both a gold and silver finish so you can have just the right item to match with your outfit.
Nearly all of our rings are free size meaning that they are adjustable so you can make sure that they fit you. If you’re generous enough to not keep all of these cute rings to yourself and want to gift them to your friends, you can rest assured that they will fit them too! Once you’ve selected the best rings to suit your outfit of choice, all that’s left to do is accessorise with your favourite beach bag and greet the day!