We all love the feeling of freedom and possibility that an empty notebook brings but soon we’re faced with the daunting question of what to fill it with. Do we go down the traditional diary route and sum up our entire day or do we highlight only our cheerful moments in a gratitude journal? If you’re looking to do either of these, the Happy Thoughts notebook would be perfect with its bright colours and positive quotes. Those more creative souls may want to take up free writing, recording their dreams or even writing a short story in their cute notebooks. Pressed for time but still need to express your thoughts? Why not jot down a sentence a day in our Super Thoughts notebook which is filled with motivational quotes that provide daily encouragement! 

When you get the dreaded writer’s block, don’t fear because each of our notebooks includes a sensational flipbook adventure which is sure to kickstart your creativity. You’ve never seen an inspirational journal as useful as this one! We haven’t even gotten to the pocket at the back of each book which is ideal for storing loose papers, cute stationery and anything else you want to keep handy. Excellent for your personal use or as a gift for your friends, explore Short Story’s notebooks range today!