Areaware Cubebots

Is it a robot? Is it a cube? It’s both!

Inspired by the interlocking Japanese kumi-ki puzzles, Areaware Cubebots are beloved by people young and old for being irresistibly fun and also portable so you can bring them with you everywhere. Made from sustainably-sourced wood held together with flexible elastic, you can bend and shape your robot into as many fun poses as you can think of. The true challenge though, is to fold the robot limbs back into a perfect cube shape. Only one solution will restore your wooden friend into this position but we know you can figure it out!

Great for stimulating children’s brains, these wooden cube puzzles will teach them all about spatial awareness. The durable wood they’re made from mean that they can weather rough and tumble play, which makes them great gifts for kids of all ages. Younger children will be captivated with the bendy limbs of a medium-sized cubebot, while older puzzle-enthusiasts will enjoy manoeuvring the intricate limbs of a micro-sized cubebot. Available in other sizes as well as every colour of the rainbow and more, get the Cubebot in Australia from Short Story today and have fun puzzling it out!

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